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Although it is one of the oldest textile arts in the world, Sewing is still one of the most loved pastimes there is. For generations gone by Sewing was a necessity rather than a pastime, as new clothes were scarce families would have to repair and reuse many of their existing garments but as ready to wear clothes have become more readily available Sewing has unfortunately seen a decline in popularity. However Sewing is still considered to be a distinguished skill and is a useful and fulfilling hobby and for many is a lucrative business. Over the past few years, Sewing has experienced incredible resurgence and hand Sewing your own clothes is now considered to be something of a fashion statement.

Whether you are a professional seamstress or somebody who enjoys Sewing for purposes of rest and relaxation, every sewer needs a kit bursting with accessories to help you make the most of your Sewing projects. With Sewing being one of the most skilled and useful pastimes there is, there is no better time to start your collection or refresh your kit with our range of essential Sewing accessories. We carry a variety of Sewing needles by world renowned manufacturers including millward and for budget conscious customers, excellent quality non-branded needles. For dressmakers our selection of professional quality scissors, threads and tape measures are an essential part of your kit as well as more specialist items such as thimbles, hemming tapes and Sewing machine accessories

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