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Net Curtains

Net Curtains are one of the most popular window dressings available, chosen both for their pleasing aesthetic appearance and their practicality. Net Curtains are a particularly popular window dressing for any room in the home and will allow light into your living space whilst still maintaining your privacy. Net Curtains are a useful tool in ensuring the security of your home. it is widely believed that Net Curtains are an effective way of deterring would be burglars by ensuring that your belongings are not on show to everyone passing by and at a time of year when we are switching our lights on earlier in the day, window nets are the ideal window covering. Net Curtains are also ideal for ensuring maximum warmth and comfort during the colder months as they add an extra layer of much needed insulation. During the summer months Net Curtains are ideal for protecting against asthma and allergies and will reduce the direct glare of sunlight streaming into your living space.

Our selection of beautiful Net Curtains are a quick and effective way of updating the decor in any room in your home. Our selection of jardiniere designs are a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens and also for bay windows due to their raised hem which allows you to display personal effects such as flowers, photo frames or a bathroom mirror. 

Our selection of Net Curtains are sold by the metre in a variety of drops. Please remember to double up your window width when measuring to allow for a gather in the curtain for a more appealing look.

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