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Curtain Linings

Curtain Linings are sewn onto the reverse of your curtain fabrics and are used to protect your curtains and decor from harmful UV rays. Our selection of Curtain Linings can also be used alongside lighter weight fabrics to improve insulation and reduce the glare from street lights and other external sources whilst helping to anchor the drape of your curtain to create a more high end appearance.

We carry a wide range of Curtain Linings to work alongside curtain fabrics of varying widths. Our blackout lining is perhaps the best selling Curtain Lining we stock and is used to to keep light out of your room during the lighter mornings and for keeping your room at optimum temperature during the winter. Blackout Curtain Lining is a fantastic choice for those who wish to prevent their children from waking too early or for customers who work shifts and wish to sleep undisturbed by light during the daytime hours.

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