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Net Curtains

We carry a wide selection of Net Curtains in a variety of attractive designs which are perfect for dressing windows in any room in your home. Over recent years Net Curtains have made a comeback in the world of interior design and are now more popular than ever. Most commonly used in the living room, Net Curtains are the most practical way of protecting your privacy inside the home whilst retaining a good flow of natural light into your living space. Many customers choose Net Curtains as a low cost and stylish way of reducing glare from light pollution including streetlights and car headlights which can sometimes cause an irritation. Net Curtains are also the perfect way to prevent the contents of your home being on full display to prying eyes and have been credited by police organisations and insurance firms with a reduction in domestic burglaries.

Net Curtains are not only practical but are also a particularly stylish choice of window dressing and are guaranteed to bring a touch of elegance to your decor. We carry a selection of excellent quality Net Curtains in a variety of gorgeous designs including the popular buxton design which is popular for its beautiful, swirling design. For customers who require a more understated design our plain Net Curtains are available to purchase in a variety of drops. For kitchens and bathrooms our jardinieres are a popular choice as they allow you the luxury of privacy whilst still allowing you to store and display personal effects such as photographs or practical items including herb pots and soaps.

Net Curtains are always popular with the hospitality industry and in residential establishments such as nursing homes which is why many of our Net Curtain designs are available as a bulk buy option making our Net Curtains a particularly cost effective choice. 

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