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Webbing is a particularly useful item to have in your collection and is suitable for a multitude of uses including crafts, handmade accessories and upholstery. We carry a wide range of Webbing products including Acrylic Webbing which is most popular with customers creating their own handmade accessories such as belts and bags. Acrylic Webbing is a particularly durable Webbing. strong enough to carry a heavy load for long lasting items.

Knitted Webbing is also useful for bag straps and shoulder straps. This versatile item is available to purchase in a wide range of gorgeous colour options and features a eye catching striped design. Knitted Webbing is also an excellent choice for creating strong and long lasting pet accessories such as a stylish leash.

Our selection of Webbing products also includes Polypropylene Webbing and the stunning Basket Weave Cotton Webbing. All of our Webbing is available to purchase by the metre or by the roll in a variety of widths.

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