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Fasteners are most often used by dressmakers to fasten clothing items such as dresses, trousers and skirts but can also be found on outdoor items includng bags and tents and are a useful addition around the home. We carry a wide range of Fasteners suitable for almost any project. For outdoor equipment, sport and camping Press Fasteners are an excellent quality Fastener suitable for use on a range of sports and camping equipment. Prym sports and camping press Fasteners are an easy convenient choice for securing items such as sports bags and tent flaps.

For handmade clothing items, a hook and bar Fastener is an excellent choice for creating attractive fastenings on items such as trousers and skirts and is often chosen in place of a button for tailored designs. Snap Fasteners are often used to replace a traditional button fastening on children's items as they are easier for little fingers and do not pose as much of a choking risk. Snap Fasteners are also a popular choice with customers who may suffer with dexterity problems and are suitable for use with a number of items.

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