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Our extensive collection of Cords are a strong, flexible woven material suitable for use an extensive range of applications. Starting from as small as 1mm, our selection of Cords are available in an extensive range of colours and designs. Cords can be used for a variety of purposes and are popular with dressmakers for creating items such as tracksuits and hoodies. 

Cords are a popular choice for craft projects such as gift bags with our selection of rayon Cord being a particularly popular choice for this application. Due to it's beautiful sheen and beautiful festive colours this Cord is hugely popular around Christmas time as a gift wrap and for decorating your home. 

We also carry a range of specialist Cords such as our roman blind Cord which, as the name suggests, is predominantly used in roman blinds. However, this is also a great Cord for general use and is often chosen for soft furnishings such as cushions.

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