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  • Strong Zips..

    If you have a item of clothing  which is always subjected to wear and tear such as overalls, bags and even boots, you would need a strong zip that will last.. Here at Fabric-world we have Zips in abundance! The strongest Zips that we provide is our Heavy Duty Metal Zips although they are only available in black, they are very strong and are perfect for clothing that is subjected to a lot of use! All of our Zips are sourced from top manufacturer YKK and are of the highest quality and are available in the open ended choice, although you can sew the zip over so it becomes a closed end zip..

    Looking for a coloured metal zip? We stock a range of Metal Open Ended Zips and also Brass Zips which all have metal teeth. They come in a wide choice of lengths and colours to choose from and will still provide you with a good strong zip! They can be used for all sorts of dressmaking needs and can be used to replace older zips....

    If you are looking for a Closed Ended Zip, we have many to choose from here at Fabric-world. Dress Zips are the most commonly used Zips which are joined together at the bottom, they are ideal for skirts trousers and dresses and are available in a huge choice of colours and sizes so you can easily match up your fabrics! We also have Jeans and Nickel Trouser Zips which have metal teeth! They come in a selection of colours and lengths too!If you want a hidden zip that wont distract from your clothing, we stock a fantastic choice of Concealed Zips (where the zip is hidden and you can only see the small pull) we aim to bring you the widest selection of colour choices so you can match up perfectly!

    We have many other choices in our Zip range such as Two Way Zips, Reversible Zips and even Bulk Buy Zips which are fantastic valuer for money! So come and have a look around at our ample choice and see if you can find the right Zip for you! If you need any help regarding any of our products, please get in touch by either calling our helpful staff on 0151 336 3939 or pop us an email at sales@fabric-world.com and we shall get back to you asap! Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages and share any creations that you have made! You can also keep up to date with all of the latest news and competitions and new products that we have coming in!!

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  • New Improved Zip Section!

    Here at Fabric-world we strive to bring you the newest products available and are always trying to make choosing the right products easier to find when looking on our website. We have recently changed our Zip section so it is easier to navigate around and help you make the right choice of Zip for all of your dressmaking needs whether you are repairing a garment or creating from scratch...

    First of all, there are two main choices of Zips. Open Ended Zips and Closed Ended Zips. Open Ended Zips completely come apart, such as zips in jackets. They are come in a range of different materials:

    Plastic Open Ended Zips- They have a chunky finish to them and look great in heavier weight fabrics such as fleeces or cardigans.

    Nylon Open Ended Zips- These have finer teeth and come in the same colour choices and sizes. (10" to 30")

    Metal Open Ended Zips- These have metal teeth and are substantially stronger that the others. Ideal for work wear and bags which are heavier weight and again, come in a choice of colours.

    If you need even more strength, our Heavy Duty Metal Zips would be the ideal choice. They are made from nickel and will do exactly what they say. They are available in black and really will last!

    Our range of Closed Ended Zips come in a variation of choices. Normal Dress Zips, which are joined together at the bottom, are suitable for trousers, shirts dresses etc and are made from nylon and have fine teeth. There are many colours available in the range so you can easily match up the colours of your fabrics! Dress Zips start from 4" and reach up to 22". You can even use Dress Zips on cushions and even bags!

    Have an elegant garment and want to make the Zip as minimal as possible, Concealed Zips are the perfect choice. They sew in easily to your clothing and only the small pull is visible!  Again, available in a range of colours and sizes, we are more than happy to pick out the best match to your fabrics too so come and have a look at our fabulous colour range!

    We also stock Jeans Zips and Nickel trouser Zips so come and have a look around and maybe find some inspiration as we have some stunning fabrics!

    Hopefully this blog has helped you make the right choice of Zip for your needs and if you do have any questions regarding any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0151 336 3939 or email on sales@fabric-world.com and we will be more than happy to help! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all of our latest competitions too!

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