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  • Preparing For Christmas

    With Christmas just around the corner everybody here at Fabric-World are preparing themselves for a very busy time. Creativity is flowing and things are starting to become a lot more personalised with regards to presents, from Fleece Fabric onesies to Dress Net Fabric door bows.

    With a wide variety of Fabrics, Haberdashery and Craft items online at Fabric-World we have something for everybody. This time of year seems to prove very popular for Fabrics such as Fleece, Fur and Tartans all of which can be found online. Another popular product at the moment seems to be Berisfords Ribbons, these can be used for adding the finishing touches to your presents when wrapped or for creating unique decorations for your tree or around the house.

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  • Online Fabric Shop

    Fabric-World is an Online Fabric Shop that has been going for over 10 years. We stock a huge variety of Fabrics, Haberdashery, Crafts and Knitting Wools. Here at Fabric-World we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality and most extensive range of materials online.

    We are stockists of Fabrics such as Satin, Chiffon, Linen, Fleece and Fur to name a few. We have daily deliveries of stock which is immediately photographed to put online by one of our web team. You can keep up to date with all new products by visiting our new arrival section found on the website or by following us on our Facebook page.

    Our range of Haberdashery and Crafts has grown year by year and is proving to be very popular with our customers, our Berisfords Ribbons and Gutermann Threads come in a huge variety of colours and styles making them one of our current best selling products. We also have a vast range of wedding accessories online at Fabric-World, from Feathers & Decorative Flowers to Hair Accessories & Cards/Envelopes, we have it all.

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  • Dressmaking Fabrics - Fleece

    With the cold chill of winter now in the air, many of our customers are well into planning their winter sewing projects, creating a variety of stylish and comfortable pieces to keep them warm during the cold weather. One of the most popular Dressmaking Fabrics at this time of year is fleece - this is always the first fabric we recommend to customers creating winter clothing items and accessories and is guaranteed to keep you toasty during even the coolest weather conditions.

    Every year our fleece Dressmaking Fabrics are the most popular in our collection and we are always adding brand new ranges to our stock inventory including plain colours in pretty pastels and bright bold shades as well as attractive new patterns perfect for family members of all ages.   Fleece Dressmaking Fabric is ideal for creating a wide range of comfortable clothing items including jackets, pyjamas and gilets and of course is perfect for sewing handmade accessories including scarves hats and gloves. Fleece is the perfect choice of Dressmaking Fabric for outdoor clothing items and sportswear, including walking and hiking outfits. Our fleece Dressmaking Fabrics are composed from a superior quality material which retains less than 1% of its water weight meaning that our beautiful fleece will keep you warm and dry no matter your activity. Our selection of fleece Dressmaking Fabrics are anti-pill meaning that you will not suffer from the 'bobbles' that sometimes appear on the surface of cheaper quality materials through repeated wash and wear. Our fleece fabrics can be worn and machine washed time and time again and will continue to look like new.

    View our full collection of fleece Dressmaking Fabrics online now!

  • Online Fabric Shop

    Here at Fabric World our web team work tirelessly to ensure that our Online Fabric Shop is your go-to site for all of your fabric and haberdashery needs. As soon as we receive our new stock, it will be professionally photographed and uploaded to our website alongside a comprehensive product description detailing width, weight and composition. Our aim is to ensure that our Online Fabric Shop is easy and simple to use whilst being visually pleasing and inviting to prospective customers. We take great pride in dispatching our fabrics and haberdashery items quickly and beautifully packaged to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

    Customers choose to order via our Online Fabric Shop for a number of reasons - many people do not live local to a store that will stock their desired item or may be purchasing a large amount of fabric which they would not be able to transport home from a physical store. Our Online Fabric Shop also offer a fantastic samples service for customers who wish to see the texture and colour of their material prior to purchase. Our samples are usually delivered within 1-2 days to give potential customers plenty of time to decide if the fabric is suitable for their requirements. Our Online Fabric Shop is split into a variety of easy to navigate categories to make it easier than ever to locate your desired fabric - you can also use of search bars to search for a particular colour.

    If you wish to purchase fabrics or haberdashery via our Online Fabric Shop but are still unsure exactly what you need, our dedicated sales team are on hand during office opening hours to assist you via email or live chat - outside normal office hours, please feel free to send us an email with details of your enquiry and we will respond as soon as possible.

  • Haberdashery for Pattern Cutting

    Before embarking upon any dressmaking project it is important to ensure that your finished garment will be the right size and shape to fit you comfortably - the best way to achieve this is to work with a pattern. You can either work with a commercial pattern bought from a fabric store or your own handmade pattern - whichever you choose it is important to ensure that you have to hand the correct Haberdashery items for pattern work:

    Dressmaking Pins - a handy item of Haberdashery for ensuring that your pattern stays in place when you are cutting your fabric. We carry a wide range of dressmaking pins in a variety of sizes suitable for use with many different kinds of dressmaking fabric. Some dressmakers like to use a smaller metal headed pin such as our prym dressmakers pins whilst others prefer a coloured pin with a larger head circumference so they can be easily identified when tacked onto your fabric. We also carry a range of speciality dressmaking pins for specific tasks such as quilting pins and bridal and lace pins.

    Tailors Chalk - one of the best selling items in our Haberdashery collection, tailors chalk is an inexpensive tool but is priceless for ensuring accurate marking out prior to cutting fabric. Our Haberdashery department stock tailors chalk in a variety of colours as well as in pencil form.

    Dressmaking Rulers - the first rule of dressmaking is "measure twice, cut once" nobody wants to waste their beautiful fabrics and ruin their project before it has begun. Precise measuring leads to precise cutting which is why it is particularly important to ensure that you are using the correct tool to accurately measure your fabric prior to taking your scissors to it. For this task, our Haberdashery department recommend our selection of dressmaking rulers which make it easy to mark recurring spacers to measure hem allowances, button holes and pleats. We carry a fantastic range of dressmaking rulers suitable for left and right handed dressmakers.

  • Dressmaking Fabrics for Lining

    When embarking upon a new dressmaking project it is important to choose the correct Dressmaking Fabric for your project to achieve the required finish. If you choose to proceed with a lightweight Dressmaking Fabric you may also wish to consider using a dress lining. A dress lining is a second layer of fabric which ensures that your garment will not be see through when warm and will ensure that the wearer is warm and comfortable during cooler temperatures. Many Dressmaking Fabrics do not require a lining however the designer may choose to use it anyway to achieve a high quality finish and to hid raw seam edges, padding and interfacing and to ensure that the garment is smooth and comfortable when worn against the skin. We carry a wide range of dress linings designed to complement our selection of Dressmaking Fabrics -

    Anti-Static Dress Lining - one of the best selling lining fabrics we stock, this high quality dress lining is suitable for use alongside almost any Dressmaking Fabric and is available to purchase in a huge selection of colours. Anti-static dress lining is composed of 100% polyester which is particularly smooth and comfortable to wear against the skin and will prevent your clothing from "riding up" when you move around.

    Stretch Dress Lining - this selection of lining is composed of 100% high quality polyester and features a fantastic stretch and range of movement making this the ideal choice for use alongside stretch Dressmaking Fabrics such as lycra jersey and cotton spandex.

    cream-gold-jacquard-lining-fabric-c3-crinkled We carry a wide range of linings such as this beautiful woven jacquard lining.

    Super Soft Dress Lining - a superior quality lining fabric which is lighter in weight and much softer to the touch than our regular dress lining fabrics. Suitable for use alongside any Dressmaking Fabrics, super soft dress lining is ideal for delicate garments and is composed of 100% polyester.

    Jacquard Lining - featuring a stunning woven jacquard print, this is the perfect choice of lining for high end tailored garments such as suits, coats and jackets. This superior quality fabric is available in a variety of beautiful colour choices and is perfect for adding that extra special finishing touch. This lining works wonderfully alongside many of our Dressmaking Fabrics.

  • Haberdashery for Dressmaking

    The vast majority of our online customers are dressmakers and for dressmakers it is not only fabrics that need to be taken into consideration when planning a project - it is also particularly important to ensure that you have a wide selection of Haberdashery items to hand to ensure that you achieve the best possible results from your dressmaking projects. Whether you are a hobby dressmaker or a professional designer it important that you purchase the best quality Haberdashery items that your budget will allow and here at Fabric World, we carry a huge range of tools which will form an imperative part of your tool kit regardless of your level of skill:

    Zips - perhaps our biggest selling item of Haberdashery, zips are used by tailors and dressmakers for a host of handmade items such as dresses, coats and skirts. First and foremost, zips are a functional items used to open and close an item of clothing however, many designers will choose to make a decorative zip the focal part of their design; metal zips in particular are an attractive addition to form fitting dresses and skirts. We carry a wide range of zips suitable for a number of applications including concealed zips for dresses and evening wear, open end zips for coats and jackets and trouser zips. All of our zips are sourced from world renowned manufacturers such as YKK and Trebla so you can be confident that you are purchasing a high quality zip which will withstand repeated use.

    30mm-prym-straight-dressmakers-pins-024480 Dressmaking pins are an essential item of Haberdashery for many projects.

    Dressmaking Pins - pins are a particularly useful item of Haberdashery and are used with almost every dressmaking project. Dressmaking pins are primarily used for holding your fabric in please to ensure precision cutting to ensure a perfect fit and finish. Many designers and dressmakers will pin together a garment prior to committing to sewing in order to ensure that the item fits and to allow the seamstress to make any required changes without having to un-pick previously sewn seams. We carry a wide range of dressmakers pins including bridal and lace pins, plastic headed pins and metal pins.

    Scissors - perhaps the most important item of Haberdashery you will purchase, a good pair of dressmaking scissors are imperative to any dressmaker of tailor. However tempting it may be to purchase a cheaper pair of standard scissors you must ensure that any scissors you use for dressmaking are designed specifically for this purchase. A sub-standard pair of scissors will result in a jagged fabric edge at best and at worst, fabric that is damaged and unusable. Our staff are particularly fond of fiskars scissors and use these scissors everyday for completing customer orders as well as for their own dressmaking projects. Available for both right and left handed dressmakers, fiskars scissors are a fantastic investment and with regular sharpening, cleaning and oiling these scissors will last you for many years.

    Threads - our Haberdashery department stock one of the widest selections of threads available on the market today. Our threads are sourced from the world's biggest manufacturers including coates and gutermann and are available to purchase in a huge array of colours and strengths. When selecting your thread it is important that you first consider which type of thread is most suited to your project - if you are working with lighter weight fabrics such as chiffon you will require a fine thread whilst a heavier fabric such as leather or suede will require a stronger thread capable of holding the seams in your fabric. Our best selling thread is gutermann sew-all thread and is what is considered to be the perfect "all-round" thread meaning this thread is compatible with most fabrics and is available in a huge selection of colours.

  • Online Fabric Shop

    Our comprehensive Online Fabric Shop is the ideal place for purchasing a huge variety of fabrics and haberdashery suitable for almost any occasion. Our Online Fabric Shop carries everything from dress fabrics, to zips and craft items so you can rest assured that whatever the project, be it stunning clothing pieces or creative craft items, you will find exactly what you need online and have it delivered straight to your door - there is no longer any need to be traipsing around the shops in search of your desired items. Customers who are browsing our Online Fabric Shop for the first time are astounded at the enormous range of items we stock.

    cerise-crepe-fabric Our dressmaking fabrics, including this beautiful cerise crepe, are the most popular items in our Online Fabric Shop.

    Our Online Fabric Shop offers a variety of stunning fabrics in varying colours, designs and compositions ideal for creating a stylish piece for any occasion from a casual wardrobe staple to evening gowns and bridal wear. We carry a huge selection of bridal fabrics including satin, chiffon and lace in traditional wedding day shades such as ivory and white as well as more adventurous colour options including pink, blue and red. Our selection of traditional bridal fabrics have been one of the best selling collections in our Online Fabric Shop for many years, however in recent years we have seen a surge in demand for more contemporary bride fabrics such as crepe and georgette. Our selection of bridal fabrics are not only perfect for the brides gown but also for dressing her maids and are available to purchase in a range of shades ideal for bridesmaids such as pinks, blues and lilacs. Of course our dressmaking fabrics are the most frequently viewed on our Online Fabric Shop and include a selection of summer fabrics such as cotton spandex and broderie anglaise as well as cooler weather fabrics like brushed cotton and wool melton.

    As well as our huge collection of fabrics we also provide a fantastic range of haberdashery items such as elastics, velcro, zips and pins - all of which are essential for achieving the best possible finish to your sewing projects. Our Online Fabric Shop carries everything you need for any sewing project or simply for keeping your haberdashery kit well stocked. As well as fabrics and haberdashery you will also find a range of more creative items ideal for crafts, card making and venue decoration.

    Visit our Online Fabric Shop now to view the very latest items in our collection and remember to sign up to our newsletter to take advantage of our regular offers and discounts. Buying your fabric online has never been easier!

  • Dressmaking Fabrics for Winter Weddings

    Over recent years we have been witnessing a significant increase in the number of brides turning away from a traditional spring/summer wedding to instead celebrate their nuptials with a winter wonderland spectacular and as a result we have enquiries regarding our Dressmaking Fabrics for weddings have picked up apace. Of course traditional summer weddings are always stunning however there is something particularly magical about a winter wedding. With a winter celebration you can take advantage of extra special features such as log fires, twinkling fairy lights and if you are lucky a dusting of snow. A winter wedding is truly spectacular and is the perfect opportunity to be creative with your decor, photography and the design of your gown. There are a number of reasons a bride may opt for a winter wedding including a wider availability of suppliers and of course personal preference.

    aubergine-duchess-satin-fabric_2 Winter brides will often experiment with deeper shades of Dressmaking Fabric such as this aubergine duchess satin.

    For summer wedding we see similar colour schemes of Dressmaking Fabrics retaining their popularity year after year such as pastel shades of pink and blue. Summer bouquets are normally crafted from pretty summer blooms such as lilies and roses whereas for winter celebrations brides can take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with a more dramatic colour palette. Dressmaking Fabrics in shades of scarlet, purples and even black are a popular choice with winter brides and paired with bouquets and decorations made from beautiful winter ornaments such as berries, holly and ivy results in a simply stunning effect. Of course the most important aspect of a winter wedding celebration is the brides gown; many winter brides will opt for a much more dramatic gown than a traditional white and choose cooler shades such as bronze, gold and silver. Our selection of duchess satin Dressmaking Fabrics are the perfect choice for an elegant winter bridal town and due to their substantial weight, duchess satin fabrics are perfect for a heavier, fairytale gown.

    When marrying during the cooler temperatures of a British winter, warmth and comfort is particularly important to consider. However this does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Traditionally, winter brides have been known to opt for a stole to keep themselves warm during the ceremony however, thanks to design houses showcasing a stunning collection of winter bridal couture many of our winter brides have become much more bold and adventures with their choice of bridal outfit with brides choosing outerwear accessories such as cape, shawl or even a full length coat crafted from more contemporary Dressmaking Fabrics such as faux fur and velvet.

    Winter brides can view our full collection of winter Dressmaking Fabrics online now.

  • Haberdashery for Christmas

    Our selection of Haberdashery is perfect for exploring your creative side during the festive period. Handmade decorations have become more and more popular over the last few years  and many customers are even running small lucrative businesses selling handmade decorations at craft fairs. We carry a wide range of festive materials suitable for creating your own inexpensive decorations and paired with our selection of Haberdashery items you can create your own show stopping festive decorations. Our felt squares in particular are very useful during the festive period and are available to purchase in a range of seasonal colours including red, white and green.

    Each year our Haberdashery department source one of the best selections of christmas ribbons available on the market. Christmas ribbons are ideal at this time of year and are suitable for everything from displaying greetings cards, to gift wrap. Many customers will choose to use christmas themed ribbons for contemporary tree decoration and for trimming your festive cake.

    The possibilities are endless with our selection of festive Haberdashery items and are the perfect way to involve your children in gearing up for the big day. For those who like their christmas with a hint of sparkle we also carry a fantastic selection of glitter glues, sequins, and jewels. View our full selection of festive Haberdashery online now.

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