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  • Making bunting using cotton Dress Fabrics

    In the past few years we have seen a resurgence in vintage style decor in people's homes. There have been programmes on TV showing you how to achieve this look and it has becoming popular. One of the standout items for the vintage look is bunting. Hanging bunting up across your wall instantly gives you a vintage look. Bunting is a quick soft furnishing item that can be made easily from cotton Dress Fabrics.

    Using Rose and Hubble Dress Fabrics for bunting

    When you create bunting, you would usually look to have a mixture of patterns and plain fabrics. Our range of Rose and Hubble Dress Fabrics are great for this. This range includes a number of different prints including floral, polka dots and stripes. By mixing and matching with plain Dress Fabrics, from the same collection, you can create a beautiful string of bunting. There are hundreds of combinations for every occasion.

    Hanging your bunting up with cotton tape

    You can make bunting single sided or double sided. If you are going to stick the bunting to the wall, you may simply need one side. If you are hanging it across the room or garden however you may want it to be double sided. This can be achieved easily by sewing two triangles of fabric together. To hang your string of bunting there are two main options; bias binding or cotton tape. Cotton tape is probably the most popular choice to use however some people choose to use bias binding. By using bias binding, you can add colour to the top of your bunting which will add a nice touch to the finished piece.

    Bunting for your wedding or special occasion

    As well as people using bunting for interior decor it has also been fashionable for weddings and special occasions. Vintage style tea parties and outdoor wedding receptions are in trend and floral Dress Fabric is perfect for this type of venue dressing. With a range of floral Dressmaking Fabrics and polka dots, you can create the perfect vintage look.

  • Wedding Fabrics for the summer

    Its the beginning of the year and those of you getting married this summer already have their dresses sorted and ticked off. If you are a bit of a last minute person like myself you wont have much planned. Now is the time to start thinking about the perfect Wedding Fabrics for your big day. You need Bridal Fabric for your gown, bridesmaid dresses and men's accessories. You may even want the interior and decoration to match this fabric too.

    For summer weddings you  need to go for more cooler Bridal Fabrics such as lace and chiffon's. This way you will feel more comfortable and not too hot so you will enjoy your special day more. Lace, chiffon and satin are usually our most popular Wedding Fabrics for the hotter months as they are lighter than other materials and come in beautiful summery shades. These Fabrics can also be overlaid on each other to create a more layered/structured look.

    Lace Fabric

    Lace Bridal Fabric is one of our best sellers for summer weddings. Year after year it is always a popular choice for warmer summer weddings due to its appearance and weight. You can match lace up with other fabrics like satin to create a stunning overlay. Lace is a very feminine Wedding Fabric with an exceptional edging to create beautiful hemlines.

    Chiffon Wedding Fabrics

    Chiffon Bridal Fabrics are available in a beautiful range of colours and designs. They are all lightweight and delicate making them perfect for overlaying other Wedding Fabrics. Adding layers of chiffon to your gown will create a more structured and feminine look. Chiffon is ideal for hot summer months as it will keep you cool and comfortable on your big day. Our chiffon's are available in cationic, extra wide or crepe styles.

    Satin Fabric

    Satin Bridal Fabrics are perfect for your first layer of material on your gown. Due to it being a slighter heavier fabric than the others it will create a glamorous structured look. Satin is a classic Wedding Fabric that is popular all year round not just in the summer. If it is for the summer there is some beautiful pastel shades to choose from for your theme.

    Take a look at all our stunning Wedding Fabrics to choose your perfect one for your summer wedding this year.

    Apricot Heavy Corded Lace Wedding Fabrics Apricot Heavy Corded Lace Fabric
  • YKK Zips Online at Fabric-World

    I love the winter, I think there is something cosy about the dark nights but this time of year can cause havoc if you're not well equipped. Good quality clothing items can be expensive so its often worth while making do and repairing any imperfections. The most common complaint with winter coats is broken Zips. Don't be deterred by a broken zip, its actually quite an easy alteration. The hardest part of fixing a zip is usually taking the old one out so be sure to have some scissors or hand a stitch ripper. There's nothing worse than trying to get a job completed with the incorrect tools.

    Buying Zips Online at Fabric-World

    This time of year people are often left feeling a little deflated after the joy of Christmas is over, the cold weather is taking it toll and the summer seems like a long way off. Personally I find that a good night out always cheers me up and is an excellent excuse to wear your Christmas dress again. If you were a little heavy handed taking your dress off before Christmas and accidentally damaged the zip then don't despair. There no need to buy a new dress if you already have a frock that just needs a new zip. Here at Fabric-World we sell a vast range of Zips to meet all your requirements.

    A lot of dresses now a days have a concealed zip in them which are hardly visible once in. These are quite often very light weight and made cheaply making them a weak point in many garments. However, all the zips we stock are made by YKK who are renowned for producing excellent quality goods. It really is worth going to the effort of replacing the zip especially if you want plenty more wear out your lovely dress.

    For many of us January means booking our summer holiday, we need something to look forward to. However if your tent or sleeping bag has been stashed up in the loft with a broken zip and forgotten about then you'll be in for a nasty surprise when it comes to packing. This is the perfect time to get all your camping repairs done giving you peace of mind. Here at Fabric-World we sell a great selection of extra long zips for tents and sleeping bags alike.

  • Finding your local Fabric Shop Online

    In recent years we have seen a dramatic change in the high street. Many shops have been forced to close due to poor sales; the high street taken over by charity shops and pound stores. It is now unlikely that you would find local shops such as a baker or butcher and a Fabric Shop is few and far between.

    Many people struggle to find somewhere to buy fabric and haberdashery in their local area and need to order from a Fabric Shop Online instead. Here at Fabric-World, we like to offer customers a wide range of products that they can no longer buy on the high street; delivering goods straight to their door. With an option of 1st or 2nd class delivery, fabric can be with you in just a few days after ordering.

    Order samples with your local online fabric shop

    When you buy from a Fabric Shop Online, you cannot always visualise the feel and look of the fabric. At Fabric-World we offer a sample service to help with this. For just £1, with no postage charge, you can order a sample of your desired fabric. This will allow you to check the colour and quality of the fabric before you buy it.

    A great selection of fabrics online

    The fabrics we stock at Fabric-World are primarily for dressmaking. We stock a large range of materials from cottons to satin; tartan to gabardines. We also offer a large range of haberdashery products to assist you with your sewing. These include sewing essentials such as needles and thread along with craft items and curtain accessories.

    Just as you would expect with a physical Fabric Shops, we have knowledgable staff here to help you. If you ever have any queries about our products, you can get in touch via email or phone and we will do our best to help.

  • Popular Dressmaking Fabrics at Fabric-World

    When seasons change different Dressmaking Fabrics become more popular with our customers. A garment for a specific time of year will mean you need to focus on weight and thickness of materials. This is why different Dress Fabrics are popular in different seasons. At this time of year people are still thinking about keeping warm and comfortable in fashionable pieces of clothing.

    Corduroy Dressmaking Fabric

    Corduroy Fabric is a popular material due to its quality and weight which is perfect for this time of year. This Dress Fabric is particularly popular due to its appearance and soft touch. Corduroy is a very versatile material that be made up into a variety of garments. You can create pieces such as skirts, trousers and jackets. As well as creating garments, you can also make up interior items such as cushions and accessories like bags. Corduroy Dress Fabric is great for the older months due to its warmth and durability qualities.

    Our Corduroy Dressmaking Fabric is available in 8 wale or 14 wale design. Both materials come in stunning colour options that are very suitable for autumn/winter seasons such as tan, brown and wine.

    Tartan Dressmaking Fabrics

    Tartan Fabric is also a popular material around this time of year. With burns night approaching this Dress Fabric is ideal for creating fashionable garments this time of year. You can create anything from clothing such as skirts, dresses and jackets. Accessories such as bags and purses can also be created with this fabric.

    Our Tartan Dressmaking Fabric comes in a range of traditional tartan designs such as royal stewart and blackwatch. These prints are ideal for those who want to create traditional scottish designs like kilts. We also do a range of contemporary tartan designs with more brighter colours and unique designs for more fashionable pieces.

    As well as Corduroy and Tartan Dress Fabrics we do a large range of different Dressmaking materials. Our Dressmaking Fabrics are shown under the dressmaking section online.

    Corduroy Dressmaking Fabrics 8 Wale Corduroy Dressmaking Fabric
  • Customise your big day with Wedding Fabric

    When talking about Wedding Fabric it's very easy to get caught up in a multitude of Bridal Fabric such as our versatile satin back crepes or luxurious duchess satin but there is more to wedding fabric than just bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses. You can add drama and elegance to any venue with all sorts of wonderful fabrics and an eye for detail.

    If you're looking to add some extra glitz or glamour to your upcoming wedding without hiring hundreds of seat covers and forking out a shed load for table trimmings then why not take matters into your own hands?

    Treat your venue as a blank canvas. It's waiting to become your dream room, it just needs you to bring your vision. Swags and drapes of chiffon can completely transform any wedding venue. A plain white marquee becomes a whole new world with a touch of our moonlight fabric. This fabric has a stunning glow and sheen to it, it's sheer nature makes it perfect for teaming up with hundreds of fairy lights for an effortless magical elegance.  At only £7.99 per metre this versatile fabric could ease your budget worries.

    Using Chiffon as a Wedding Fabric

    Aside from drapes and swags, chiffon can also prove to be useful in dressing your tables as a runner or even a finishing touch to your centre pieces. Our cationic chiffon selection has a beautiful lustre and depth of colour when gathered together. This fabric would be look stunning wrapped around a bridal bouquet and other floral decorations. Priced at only £4.49 per metre this fabric is fantastic value for money.

    Chair sashes are another fantastic way wedding fabric can lend a helping hand to the glamour of your big day. A more recent addition to our range is our 29cm wide craft satin available in 20metre rolls for just £16.99. This comes in a great colour range and is another excellent choice for dressing your wedding venue chairs.

    These great options for Wedding Fabrics make customising your wedding theme and styling your own venue extremely simple and enjoyable

  • Buy Zips Online for large sewing projects

    Here at Fabric-World, based in Cheshire, we stock a good range of zips for your dressmaking and sewing projects. These include both open end and closed end zips which can be used for a variety of projects. It can be easy to Buy Zips for small dressmaking projects in local haberdashery stores however it is not always as easy to find long zips. At Fabric-World you can Buy Zips Online from our range of long zips; these can be used to complete your large sewing projects.

    Buy Zips Online with Fabric-World

    If you are need to Buy Zips Online that are a metre in length or longer then continuous zipping is ideal. We have recently extended our range of continuous zipping; adding ten more colours to our selection. These include colours such as purple, orange, red, yellow, bottle and brown. Continuous zipping is a closed end zip; which can be cut to the length you require. You can sew the end to stop the zip pull coming off or it can be finished inside the garment as an alternative. Continuous zipping is £1.25 with the individual zip pulls sold at 25p per pull.

    If your project requires a long zip that is also open ended, our tent zips are an excellent choice. Manufactured by YKK, these are useful for sleeping bags, overalls and duvets. Starting at 48", these are great for any project where our standard size zips will not fit. For example, if you need a 40" zip, a 48" zip could be altered and cut down to fit; rather than have a short 36" zip (our largest other open end zip). You can Buy Zips Online in this range in black and fawn in sizes 48", 60", 72" and 120". All of our zips are made to British Standards and are a high quality; meaning that you know that you can rely on them to last.

  • Wedding Fabrics for newly engaged brides

    Christmas is the perfect time of year to pop the question with people up and down the country celebrating the holidays as newly engaged couples. As soon as New Year hits, brides will be keen to start planning their upcoming nuptials. Here at Fabric-World, we can help with the planning with our beautiful range of Wedding Fabrics. Whether you decide to make your own wedding gown or pay a tailor to make bridesmaid gowns; we have Bridal Fabric for you.

    Wedding Fabrics to create your wedding dress

    In bridal boutiques, wedding dresses can be fairly costly. Many couples are on a budget when it comes to their wedding. One way to keep in budget and reduce costs is to have your wedding dress made. At Fabric-World we have a range of satins and crepe fabrics which are perfect for creating bridal gowns.

    Choose duchess satin for your wedding 

    Duchess satin is the ideal Bridal Fabric if you are looking to create a ball gown wedding dress or a dress with structure instead of drape. Duchess satin has a beautiful aesthetic with a sheen rather than a shine; giving it a high end look. Available in white, ivory, cream, champagne and gold there are plenty of shades to choose from. Chiffon can be used as an overlay over duchess satin, to create texture, on a bodice or to add sleeves to a dress.

    Satin Bridal Fabric for bridesmaids

    Another way to save money when it comes to weddings is to have bridesmaid dresses made, instead of buying them in a bridal shop. One of the most popular Wedding Fabrics for this is satin back crepe. This fabric comes in a large selection of colours and drapes beautifully. It is a reversible fabric giving you the choice of having a matt or shiny finish. This is similar to our Satin Back Dupion Fabric which is also reversible. This satin however is made to look like a silk dupion but at £7.99 per metre, it is half the cost.

  • Buy Zips at Fabric-World Today

    When you Buy Zips online with us you should take a look at our recently added range of new quality continuous zipping come into stock here at Fabric-World. This new zipping comes in a range of unique eye-catching colours and includes matching zip pulls. We have always had this zipping in darker shades so we thought a brighter shade pallet would be hugely popular.

    Continuous Zipping

    People mainly Buy Zips to use as a fastener in a garment, accessory or homeware product. Continuous zipping is often used for interior projects such as cushions as a larger amount is needed for your project. You can Buy Zips from this range in any meterage of your choice to suit your project as well as selecting how many zip pulls you need. Colours within this range include bright pink, purple, yellow and many more which are great for matching your interior.

    Buy Zips

    Zips have to be our most popular haberdashery item online with nearly most of our orders including at least one zip fastener. When our customers Buy Zips they seem to lean towards our regular YKK nylon dress zips or our concealed zips. These Zips are most useful for dressmaking projects when creating garments such as dresses and skirts. All of our zips come in a aside variety of rises ranging from around 4inch to 36inch in some ranges. They come in a large number of colours for you to choose from so you can be sure you will find something that matches your fabric perfectly.

    Zip Matching

    If you are finding it difficult to match both your fabric and zipping online due to the images please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. One of our sales team will be able to match a zip fastener perfectly to your chosen fabric. We can also do the same with threads or anything lease you need.

  • Crafts to take up in the New Year

    When it comes to New Year, people like to make resolutions about giving up things such as drink and unhealthy food. Instead of giving up something this year, I think it would be a great idea to start something new. It is always rewarding having a hobby and Craft projects are a great hobby to begin in the New Year. The umbrella term of Crafts covers a vast number of things including knitting, embroidery and jewellery making. There is plenty to choose from so why not give a few difference ones a go.

    Why Crafts are a popular pastime 

    Crafting can be a relaxing hobby to have; allowing you to focus your mind onto one thing if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Sitting down at the end of a long day and continuing with an ongoing project can be rewarding and allows you to unwind from all the stresses of the day. Crafts also give you the opportunity to use your creativity and can improve your motor skills along with critical thinking.

    Popular Handicrafts at Fabric-World

    One of our most popular handicrafts at Fabric-World is knitting. It is a fairly cheap craft to start and doesn't require many tools. With just a pair of knitting needles and one ball of wool; you can easily work on the basic stitches to create simple items such as scarves. As you become more confident, you can then move onto following a pattern. Our customers love to knit when it is cold outside. Sat in front of the TV, in the evening, knitting is great to keep your hands moving without having to think too much (unless your are attempting a difficult pattern!)

    Try paper Crafts in the new year

    A really easy Craft to try is paper Crafts. This can include card making, collage or decoupage. If you are getting married next year, you could try your hand at creating your own invitations or table settings. This is also a great craft to try with kids as it doesn't have to be too difficult but can be extremely creative. Children can create homemade greetings cards with acrylic paint, paper punches or even small pieces of fabric. You only have the limitations of your imagination.

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