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Diamantes, originating from the River Rhine in Germany, are made to mimic the high class, expensive qualities of real diamonds; most commonly linked to costume jewellery and accessories, the use of Diamante is far reaching. Diamante Accessories can be used for a number of different projects including customising your personal effects such as shoes, bags and even phone cases and car keys and are perfect for adding a touch of class and sparkle to your designs. Each of our Diamante items, like diamonds, will create a different sparkling effect depending on how it is cut and will reflect and retract the light for a stunning sparkle.

We carry a wide range of Diamante and Diamante Accessories including buttons and trims which are perfect for glamorising almost any outfit or accessory. In order to make your projects as simple and fulfilling as possible we also boast a fantastic range of Diamante tools including the crystal hot fix wand applicator which is ideal to apply shaped hot fix crystals, rhinestones, nail heads and stones. The rhinestone applicator is brilliant for use on fabric, card, bridal wear, bags, shoes and more. 

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