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Our selection of craft Paints are suitable for use with a variety of materials including paper, canvas and card and are ideal for creating a wide range of beautiful craft projects. Acrylic paint is perhaps our best selling Paint; this fast drying Paint can be easily diluted with water and is ideal for almost any Craft projects from card making to decorative painting and is a popular choice with schools and craft clubs. We also carry a variety of fabric Paints such as dylon 3d colour fun effects which is ideal for giving a new lease of life to clothing garments.

For crafters looking to add a touch of sparkle to their designs, our special effects paints are available in a pearl or metallic effect finish. Our iridescent spray and sparkle can is also a particularly popular choice for adding an ultra fine glitter coat to your designs resulting in a particularly dazzling effect. We also carry a wide range of glass paints and spray paints in a variety of eye catching colour options.

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