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Embroidery, the art of decorating fabric with a needle and thread, has been a popular pastime for centuries but has experienced huge resurgence in recent years. Embroidery is a low cost but fulfilling hobby which requires minimum tools; a needle, thread and hoop is all that is required to create a beautiful and intricate design however, we stock a variety of tools for those who wish to extend their repertoire. 

Our variety of Embroidery hoops are suitable for hand and machine embroidery tasks and will keep your fabric taut to ensure accurate placing of your stitches, our selection includes traditional wooden Embroidery hoops and more modern designs of spring hoop, all of which are a fantastic choice for cross stitch and hand Embroidery tasks. Our plastic canvas pieces are suitable for use alongside a variety of threads and are the perfect choice for many decorative and 3D needlepoint tasks.

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