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Crafts is a popular pastime which requires a huge amount of skill, patience and concentration but which results in a great sense of satisfaction. Ideal for all ages, Crafts is a fun and relaxing hobby and is the perfect way of encouraging children to explore their creative sides whilst improving vital motor skills and critical thinking abilities. For adult crafters, this is an enjoyable and useful hobby which for some particularly talented individuals can become a lucrative business.

We carry a wide variety of Craft tools for many different activities including our popular aida fabric which is used for cross stitch embroidery, we also carry a range of embroidery hoops including spring and wooden. Our range of Craft tools also includes a variety of items which will ensure that your projects are neat and organised such as our embroidery thread organiser, embroidery thread winder and our crafter wheeled hold-all trolley for the easy transportation of all of your Craft materials.

Paper Craft is a fun, simple and low cost hobby which is why we stock a wide selection of paper Craft accessories including cards, paints, pens and markers and for the more experienced paper crafter our nesting dies are the perfect addition to your craft tool box. We also cater for Crafts such as jewellery making, bag making and much more.

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