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A ribbon is typically a thin band made of cloth, although it can also be made from plastic or even sometimes metal. Ribbons are primarily used for tying and binding. Ribbons are very useful in many ways such as an ornament, symbolism, embellishments, and accessories for the hair or around the body. However, ribbons that are made of silk are often used with clothing. Because of the number of uses of ribbons especially the ones that are made of fabric, the textile industry formed a special department for it. The essential feature of a ribbon loom is the simultaneous weaving in one loom frame of two or more webs, going up to as many as forty narrow fabrics in modern looms.

Ribbons may be non- woven or woven. Non- woven ribbons are typically made from textile yarns bonded by adhesive but are commonly made of plastics. Woven ribbons are essentially narrow bands of cloth with special finished edges. The flexibility and durability of woven ribbons make them ideal for clothing and home decor as well as with crafting. Non- woven ribbons are ideal and often used for crafting and gift wrapping for they can be curled, shredded and treated in other ways.

There are different varieties of fabric ribbons in different sizes, colours and textures. There are many choices of ribbons that you can choose from that suit your needs. You can choose from satin, taffeta, polyester, metallic, sheer and velvet to name a few. Fabric World takes pride in our extensive collection of ribbons. We have over 600 options for you to choose from. We have almost every type of ribbon from gingham, chiffon, sheer, satin and velvet and more.

If what you are looking for cannot be found here in our catalogue please contact our Fabric World team and we will assist you with your needs. Experience convenience of quality and satisfaction of online shopping only here at Fabric World.