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Fabric World have a wide choice of fabrics available all at fantastic quality and price. We go to great lengths to bring our customers with the very best quality fabrics, fabrics that are rich in colour and texture. Our Fabrics are beautiful, and easy to work with to create your fabric masterpiece. Fabric World have a wide array of fabrics available from Bi-Stretch Fabric, Crushed Velvet, Fleece Fabric and many more. There is a wide variety of fabric choice at Fabric World, we aim to accommodate for all our customers fabric requirements. Whether you are making the perfect Tartan kilt, or perhaps a fleece blanket, we have the fabric to suit your needs. Also at Fabric World we have a wide array of beautiful diamante crystals, buttons, ribbons and many more. Here at Fabric World you will find all your fabric, haberdashery and accessory needs, to help transform your creative idea into a beautiful fabric masterpiece.

Below we have highlighted several popular fabrics available at Fabric World, describing their properties and popular uses.

Bi-Stretch Fabric

Bi-Stretch fabric is a wonderful fabric to work with, Bi-Stretch hangs well and can be cut to length easily. Popular Bi-Stretch fabrics include trousers and suits. The crease free element of the Bi-Stretch fabric makes it a perfect fabric for work clothes, whereby people are sat down for a period of time. Fabric World stock a wide choice of Bi-Stretch fabric colours to suit all needs, including black, brown, orange and many more

Duchess Satin Fabric

Duchess Satin Fabric is a beautifully soft and luxurious fabric, which is made from 100% Polyester. Duchess Satin flows well and is full bodied. These luxurious fabrics are perfect for bridal wear, evening and prom dresses. The smooth and shiny properties of Duchess Satin Fabric make it a beautiful fabric to work with, rich in colour and quality.

Gingaham Fabric

Gingham Fabrics at Fabric World are an excellent quality Polycotton Gingham - The chequered print fabrics are perfect for school uniforms, kitchen curtains and table clothes. Gingham Fabrics contain fresh and bold patterns, perfect for decorating kitchens, creating the perfect look.

Above are just a handful of beautiful, quality fabrics available at Fabric World. We have a wide choice of other quality fabrics and colours available. Feel free to browse the many fabric sections of the Fabric World website. If you have any queries relating to our beautiful fabrics, or indeed any item available at Fabric World please feel free to contact the friendly team here at Fabric World.